3:45am wakeup call. A cold shower bridges the gap between sleep and reality. Car packed. East bound and beach bound. Black interstate. Empty lanes. Heavy eyelids. My mind wanders. Breath quick with anticipation.
Soothed by dawn.image

Daybreak’s aurora.imageCalm seas and warm hues.imageBirds. Lots and lots of birds.imageimageAnd bait.imageimageYep, that’s the spot.imageDidn’t take long.imageSo long fly line.imageGrunt.imageHunt was ready.imageLike father, like son.imageFury. imageimageBuzzards.imageimageWatch that tip.imageSpeed racer.imageGame over.imageimageOG Helios did work.imageimageimageimageMissle.imageimageimageLate.imageThe game continues. imageFish herd. Gorge. Show themselves.imageimageCast. Hold on.imagePlenty for everyone.imageimageimageimageWinner winner, chicken of the sea dinner.imageSlugfest.imageimageimageimageGotcha.imageimageimageimageimageimage

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